Monterey Temple & COVID-19

Dear  Sangha Members,

It is  my  sincere  desire  that  each  of you are  doing well  and taking good  care  of  yourselves and your  family members.  We find ourselves in difficult  times with the COVID-19 epidemic.  It affects our health,  our  economy and our peace of  mind.

One  of the issues  of  concern is that  we  are  not  able  to  see  each other face  to  face, here in  Sunnyvale we have  been given the “Shelter in Place” order.  This means little or no contact with others.  This in itself can  be  distressing.  For many of you that  means not seeing grandchildren which is  so very sad.

This is why I will be  posting each day to reach out to you just to say hello and hope  that  you are being well both physically and spiritually.  If you are  reading this post you can comment, vent and share with me your  feelings.

I know that for me our Obutsudan with the words Namoamidabutsu is very comforting.  It reminds me  that amidst the chaos  of  the  world I  am comforted in knowing that  Amida  embraces me at all times.

Please take care and  know  that I am thinking of all of you.


Rev. Shinseki