November 3rd–Travel to Rome

Today we left Florence by bus for Rome our last stop on this incredible journey.  We made a stop in the Tuscany area known for their wine and olive oil.  The family owned winery is located high in the hills.  Marco and his wife have been here for 30 years making wine and olive oil.  We learned a lot about olive trees and oil. His olive oil is rated very highly.  We had a wonderful wine tasting accompanied by great food provided by his wife.

On to Rome, we arrived at our hotel and were met with rain.  A walk through town was met with families on vacation (All Saints Day) and intermittent rain.  We saw the fountain of the 3 rivers, the Parthenon and then hurried to our dinner in the midst of a thunderstorm.  Many of us were soaked to the bone.

The small restraunt was nice and dry and warm.  We settled into the basement which is next to the very spot where Ceaser was assassinated by Brutus and Cassius.  We were serenaded with Italian classics during dinner.  Wonderful!

Rev. J