November 1st–Touring Florence

Happy November Everyone,

Today we were treated to a walking tour of the backstreets of Florence.  We visited the Musei del Bargello a 12th Century home in a very old neighborhood. The 5 story building’s facade is made of three arched entryways.  In the old days these arches were open and led into a courtyard. Today there are doors.  You can see the rings on the outside where horses were tied up and other metal holders where torches were set up at night. Each floor showed us the what life was like in 12th Century Florence.

We then traveled over to St. Trinity Church built in the 12th Century.  From the outside it is very non-descript church but once inside we see a beautiful example of the Catholic faith.  Inside there is a sculpture donated from Michaelangelo to the church. He created Jesus on the cross at age 17 and gave it to the church in gratitude. Michelangelo had studied anatomy and dissected corpses at the church–illegal at the time. From those studies he was able to make wonderful sculptures.

We then went and had a wonderful cooking class at In Tavola.  We cooked tomato bruschette, fresh egg pasta with mushroom sauce, farmers chicken and tiramisu. Great fun and a delicious lunch.  Can’t wait to try it at home.

We had free time, so Jane and I walked over to the Pitti Palace home of the Medici. The 16th and 17th Century art collection is one of the best.  Even more impressive is the apartments or living quarters of the Pitti rulers.

Since it is All Saints week, the streets are full of people.  We spent time after having a gelato and watched the people stroll by.

Rev. Shinseki