October 29th–Touring Venice

Venice is amazing with all its tiny narrow streets, shops, plazas and churches.  It’s history dates back to the 6th century when refugees from the invasion of the Huns drove people into the swamps to avoid them. Eventually making it their home.  It is amazing how they have built the city on wooden timbers driven into the water where they become petrified because of the lack of oxygen and then building are put up on top of them.  Today it rained and the tide went up so St. Marks square was under water.  This is not unusual and they are prepared for it.  After visiting the magnificent St. Marks Cathedral (which by the way didn’t start as a church, but a city leaders center) we visited a glass blower.  The Venetian glass is beautiful as you can imagine.

Dinner last night was at a very nice place where I had the squid with black ink spaghetti.  Jane had affagato, coffee and ice cream.

It is futile to try to explain the deep history and beauty of Venice.  I will add pictures as usual in the hopes that it will give readers a sense of the city.

Rev. Shinseki