October 16th–Day in Paris

Today was a full day of art, culture and food of Paris.  Jane and I spent the morning traveling to the Atlier des Lumineres at the Centre d’art numerique.  There was a special show of Van Gogh that is an immersive art display of his artwork.  It was visually stunning. I was reminded of the genius of Van Gogh and his use of color. Seeing his work in such a format we were able to see the genius of Van Gogh and his brush strokes that brought out not only colors and hues, but how he spoke to generations with his beautiful work.  One of my favorite Van Gogh works is Starry Night painted in 1889 in France.  Accompanied with beautiful music, we were able to see his work in all its wonder.

Following the Van Gogh works, we were treated to a art work from Japan with the same stunning presentation with music accompaniment from taiko to Keiko Matsuki. We were fortunate to experience this wonderful show that is only in Paris and Tokyo.

Later in the day we were met with our good friends Larry and Anne Oda of Monterey. They arrived with many others whom we met who are here for the 100th/442nd Anniversary tour.  Larry, Anne Jane and I all traveled together in the later afternoon to a dinner cruise on the Seine.  We were able to see the Eiffel Tower glittering in the night and from our river cruise we saw sights and views unique from a river boat.  We saw sights such as the Le Musee D’Orsay, the burned out La Cathedrale Notre-Dame, the Luvere and Le Grand Palais, as well as La Statue de la Liberté.

Our dinner was on the cruise was memorable.  I had snails cooked with fregola sarda. Bigarade Duckling in orange sauce and baked Alaska.  Of course with champagne and wine.  Jane had crab in cream of grapefruit, fillet of sea bass, and mango, coconut and passion fruit for dessert.  No wine for Jane, I drank her share.

All in all it was a wonderful day.  Tomorrow we meet all the persons on the tour at a welcome luncheon.  Looking forward to the next phase of our trip.

Rev. Shinseki